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The German children song "Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil" was in the Top Ten of Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France and the Netherlands.

 007 loves German music

James Bond actor Daniel Craig
about his music favourites:

"I quite like German music, like
the band Die Toten Hosen."

Internationaler Musikpreis 2006 for Stephan Remmler (TRIO)

The early 1980s were the heydey of the Neue Deutsche Welle, or New German Wave, which swept across Europe and in some cases - such as with Nena - into North America. Another German pop music act which has achieved global cult status is Trio, best-known for the catchy minimalistic tune "Da Da Da". Featuring amusing "lovelorn" lyrics in both German and English, it has served in recent years as a soundtrack for Volkswagen and Pepsi Cola commercials in the United States and Latin America.

In recognition of his work as a singer and songwriter for Trio and as a solo artist, the German music industry and cultural establishment has now finally honored pop legend Stephan Remmler. The German Rock and Pop Music Association, the German Pop Foundation and the German Music Export Office have jointly awarded him the Internationaler Musikpreis 2006 (International Music Prize 2006). The prize is THE international award for German-language rock and pop music. Trio perfected a playful, dadaistic style - an effect that is not unintentional. Remmler's music is different, which has helped it travel. Born in Germany's former industrial heartland, the western Ruhr region, he now lives on Lanzarote, part of Spain's Canary Islands.

Remmler's career began in 1980, when he founded Trio. Initially the band performed in small clubs in northern Germany. Enter Klaus Voormann, a former bass player for John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band. He recognized Trio's potential and became their producer. Their big international breakthrough came in 1982 with the hit "Da Da Da", which spent 20 weeks at the top of the German charts and was sold as a single in 30 countries. The song achieve gold status in Mexico and Belgium, hit platinum in Brazil and double platinum in Canada. And the album featuring the single was sold in some 20 countries, including the United States, South Africa, China and Brazil. Trio was also the first German band to appear on the hit BBC program "Top of the Pops". At the height of their fame in 1982 and '83, their success opened doors for other German bands.
(Source: "The Week in Germany"/January 26, 2007)

The Internationaler Musikpreis is the first award for German bands and singers with international success. More news about the award of the German Music Export Office: musikpreis@musikexport.de

Best DJ worldwide

Paul van Dyk from Eisenhüttenstadt is the No. 1 DJ in the world 2006.
That is the result of a poll of the leading British DJ MAG.

Kraftwerk - The Fathers of Techno

It could easily be argued that Kraftwerk was one of the most influential and important bands to record in the last quarter of the 20th Century. By combining avant-garde electronic sounds with a rock-oriented feel, Kraftwerk's masterminds Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, along with their "Kraut Rock" cohorts, pioneered the use of Moog synthesizers ...
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German Lyrics Crossing Borders

Deutsche Welle, 09.01.2005:

German texts are finding their own niche in pop, even among bands that come from Sweden, Poland or the US. ... The punk rockers that make up the band "Die Toten Hosen" can easily pack out even the biggest concert halls in Buenos Aires. "And 'In Extremo' -- they do German hard rock, and are invited to play shows in Mexico," said the director of the German Music Export Office ... In Scandinavia, German is widely used in the hard rock and heavy metal scene, because it's such a powerful language ... The Swedish band "Covenant" even produced its entire album "Future-Pop" in German. The reason? "Germany is our biggest market, and many Germans find it difficult to understand English texts," according to the band. In Eastern Europe, German texts are becoming more and more popular ... The Romanian rockers "Ricochee" recorded an entire album in German -- to "keep alive the German influence on the Transylvanian culture," as they say. In Slovenia, "Sestre" sings in German, and in Poland, "Ich Troje" even entered a song with German lyrics in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. ...

German: The Language of Music ? !


In 1994 the Italian Techno band Mo-Do (Fabio Frittelli, Claudio Zennaro) has published a lot of successful songs in German. Mo-Do is probably best known from the single "Eins, Zwei, Polizei" which reached the number 1 position in the Italian, German and Austrian music charts.


The band GOLDFINGER from Los Angeles produced a new version of the German hit
"99 Luftballons". Singer John Feldman managed it with the help of a German vocal coach.


The Ukrainian pop singer and transvestite VERKA SERDUCHKA has reached place number two at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with a song in German and Ukrainian.


The 26 years old SEPPY NDAHANGE from Windhuk sings Reggae and Rap songs in German. He has produced for example a Reggae version of the German song "Es regnet".


The Swedish Rock band COVENANT sings in German: "It made a lot of sense for us to sing in German. Germany is our biggest market and a lot of Germans have trouble understanding English lyrics."


The band ICH TROJE from Poland has started with a German song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003.


The Rock band RICOCHEE: "We choose to sing in German, because German is a part of us, of our culture here in Transylvania, of our education and finally of our lives. Our home town Sibiu/Hermannstadt has been influenced throughout its entire history by the German culture and it has survived. So we are helping to keep it alive in a very special way, through our own compositions. We have by now an entire album in German."

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German Music Export Office

When we think of Ludwig van Beethoven, Lale Andersen and Udo Lindenberg, these are German names in music that need no introduction anywhere in the world. There are others, however, who need the help of the German Music Export Office founded by the International Media Help; after all, rock and pop made in Germany is in high demand in other countries as well.

The office is where German musicians are able to meet up with interested parties from other countries. This is the place to find contacts and information on the German music market. The Music Export Office regularly compiles a hit list of all the songs in foreign countries and publicizes it on the website.

Rammstein is one of the most successful German-speaking bands internationally
"Germany's hottest pop phenomenon" extols the American music trade journal Rolling Stone, just as "99 Luftballons" hovers at the top of the Billboard Charts.
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